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Ope Sticker

Ope Sticker

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Only in the midwest, where "excuse me" just won't do, it is customary to make the strange sound "Ope!" followed by a softly muttered "lemme just sneak past ya..." and then sucking in your gut while squeezing past the completely oblivious person in your way. And don't forget, if they notice you halfway through this process immediately say you're sorry, even though it's not your fault. 


>Available in two sizes - Original is approximately 3.8x2.1", Small is 2.9x1.6"
>Scratch, Water, and Sun resistant
>5 year lifespan


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As part of our commitment to donating 5% of every purchase back to the north, this year we are excited to support the Minnesota Land Trust! The Minnesota Land Trust protects and restores Minnesota's most vital natural lands in order to provide wildlife habitat, clean water, outdoor experiences, and scenic beauty for generations to come.