Life should be about more than just eat, sleep, work, repeat. There’s so much out there to do and see, even if it’s right in your own backyard. You just have to go outside to enjoy it!

I know what a good day at the lake can do for the soul so you can expect to see the “up north” lifestyle reflected in everything I make.  

Growing up in Minnesota, my family often went camping for our family vacations. And nothing could beat my trips up to the Boundary Waters with friends! As I get older I find that I prefer certain comforts of home, like running water, so we now spend our vacations in cabins instead. Even though we’ve transitioned from soft tents to solid four walls, the idea of our time away remains the same – spend time with those you love and enjoy the beauty of the world around you. You will find this same spirit in all of my designs at Wild North Co. Sometimes all you need is to just slow down, grab a friend, and take a hike.

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Lauren Meyer - Owner